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Medical crowdfunding comes to aid of aspiring doctor

Medical crowdfunding comes to aid of aspiring doctor

Everyone can find useful information on Aly Sterling’s blog no matter if they’re wanting to find a job in nonprofits or leading their own charitable organization. Because the consultants at Aly Sterling are seasoned fundraising and executive search veterans, they offer a wealth of knowledge and experience counseling nonprofit leaders. That experience comes across in their informational posts.

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f you’re looking for a position in the nonprofit sector, either as a newcomer or a seasoned vet, you can find openings posted on a regular basis on the Aly Sterling blog.Beyond career services, nonprofit workers can also find fundraising advice and nonprofit leadership tips shared by philanthropy experts.


Fired-Up Fundraising is a smart blog to follow.

Many posts focus on fundraising strategy from an executive point of view. Development officers would find these tips helpful when looking forward in their planning. Other posts delve deep into the topic of nonprofit boards, like how to turn your board members into fundraisers in their own right.

As a fundraising consultant, Gail Perry emphasizes creative, fresh fundraising strategies for nonprofits. It’s that spirit that makes her blog on Fired-Up Fundraising stand out. Though the blog focuses on that major topic, other posts deal with other elements of fundraising such as fundraising event planning, fundraising software, and fundraising consultants.

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